SAIC Venture Capital

SAIC Capital is a corporate venture capital firm formed in 2014. Its purpose is to establish SAIC as a major player in developing leading-edge technology for the transportation industry. It is located on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Areas of investment include:

  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Durable, lighter materials
  • Human Machine Interaction (HMI)
  • Autonomous driving
  • Connected Vehicles (IoT)
  • Energy, Fuel and powertrain
  • Big Data
  • Aftermarket product and disruptive business models

SAIC Capital makes early and growth stage investments of between $1 million and $20 million in high-potential companies.


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Black Sesame Technologies: 国产最强性能智能驾驶感知芯片出炉!黑芝麻智能科技华山二号系列芯片正式发布

2020年6月15日,黑芝麻智能科技举办了华山二号系列芯片线上发布会,成功发布了国产最强性能智能驾驶感知芯片——华山二号A1000芯片和华山二号A1000L(A1000 Lite)。同时还揭秘了华山二号A1000的两大核心技术——DynamAI NN 引擎架构和 NeuralIQ ISP技术。黑芝麻智能科技自2016年起始终致力于智能感知计算芯片和平台的研发,成立三年,便在2019年8月发布了国内首款车规级智能驾驶芯片华山一号A500,而在距离华山一号发布不到300天的时间,黑芝麻智能又发布了第二款大算力、低功耗、高能效比和算力利用率的智能驾驶感知芯片——华山二号A1000,这对于国产智能驾驶芯片的发展是一重大突破!(来源:新浪科技)

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