SAIC Innovation Center (SAIC IC) and SAIC Capital Management LLC. (SAIC VC) In Silicon Valley strengthen the collaboration with top US universities.

November 17th 2017 An event called “SAIC DAY” at Stanford campus caught attentions of many students and staff. It’s the presentation and showcase of SAIC IC / VC‘s achievements on joint research and development with Stanford top talents. The event was also to promote the awareness of SAIC MOTOR GROUP and its subsidiaries in the Silicon Valley.

At the event, SAIC CTO – Mr. Cheng, Jinglei made keynotes as the guest speaker, shared with Stanford students and faculties on China’s automotive industry of its current development and future vision and trend. He also highlighted SAIC new “ECIS” strategy (Electrification, Connectivity, Intelligence and Shared mobility).

Stanford and SAIC has been working together on several innovative projects and achieved certain results, which was praised highly by Stanford professor Fritz Prinz, who is also the director of energy 3.0 project.

The event was well received and attracted interests of many students who would like to involve in the exciting new trend of automotive innovation.